Zlatibor – a great place to rest your body and soul

The vast and wavy plateau of Mount Zlatibor is located in southwestern Serbia, 238 km away from the capital Belgrade and close to the towns of Užice and Čajetina. It lies 700-1500 above sea level. The highest peaks of Zlatibor are Tornik (1496 m) and Čigota (1422 m).

Zlatibor is the first and oldest mountain resort in Serbia, equally popular in winter as in summer. Namely, it attracts scores of tourists during both winter and summer as it provides the perfect setting for various types of tourism – health, congress, recreational, hiking, student, excursion, sports, hunting and rural tourism.

Zlatibor is a mountain of exquisite beauty. In fact, its vast slopes and glades, lush meadows, clean brooks and a pleasant climate place it among the most beautiful mountains in Serbia.

The climate of Zlatibor helps in keeping healthy people fit, as well as in treating various diseases.

Zlatibor is one of the most sunny mountains in Serbia and features the so-called wind rose where continental and Mediterranean air currents intersect.

Zlatibor boasts a number of tourist attractions, such as the Stopića cave, Gostilje waterfall, natural stone bridges of Dobroselica, Tornik Ski Centre, open-air museum "Staro selo" Sirogojno, Jablanica church, Uvac monastery, Dubrava monastery, Dobroselica church, Vlada Mitrović’s gallery, Lekić gallery, Šumatno brdo monument, Oko memorial fountain, and many others.

The Zelenkada is located opposite the Zlatibor sports centre and near the roundabout. It lies at around 1000 m above sea level and is about 800 m away from the heart of the resort and the Zlatibor lake.



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